Certified electricians Grande Prairie

Certified electricians Grande Prairie

If you have an issue with your electrical setup in your house, you should look for certified electricians in Grande Prairie. Not only would a faulty DIY be expensive, but it could also be very dangerous. There is no comparison to a professional that is fully licensed for the job.


What is a Certified Electrician?

A certified electrician will have a license from the state, which assures that they have the skills necessary to complete the job. You can actually verify with the local government if an individual is licensed to cross-check their credentials.

Their formal education will be combined with apprenticeship programs giving them a combination of real-world skills and a diploma. With the state-issued license, they will be trained in local building codes, electric codes and other regulations.

Working on government jobs, certified electricians will also need other sets of credentials. These types of jobs would require more advanced degrees and experience than a typical contractor.


What Kind of Licensing Can You Expect From a Certified Electrician?

A certified Residential Electrician license is one of the more common credentials that certified electricians in Grande Prairie would have. They are approved to install, repair or maintain electrical systems in residential homes. They will usually have a combination of schooling and apprenticeship for multiple years before going out on their own.

A Commercial Electrician will have a similar set of credentials in addition to having a specific set of certifications to work on certain equipment or buildings. They will also take a test to become a Journeyman electrician. This may include working with certain mechanical wires, security equipment, or even commercial HVAC setups.

A Master Electrician will have taken the exams to move up from being a Journeyman electrician. They may also hold a bachelor’s degree in something like electrical engineering. They are allowed to work in either residential or commercial settings.


Is an Electrician’s Job Dangerous?

There are obvious dangerous within an electrician’s job, whether it’s residential or commercial. Touching wires that may or may not faulty will certainly have the potential for a lethal shock. Climbing up on utility poles also has the danger of someone falling.

In an industrial setting, electricians may be working with industrial machinery that can seriously be dangerous. Not to mention that they could be crawling around nooks and crannies that could leave them in dangerous situations. This is why most of these electricians will be trained specifically to work within these environments.

You shouldn’t take the job of an electrician lightly as there have been amateurs that have died due to the lack of training, care or proper equipment. Consider calling your local electrician before touching the wires or fuse box of your house.



When you want the job done right, you should always hire a professional electrician. Not only would you prevent doing damage to your home, but it could also prevent you from harming yourself. If there is a problem with your home’s electricity, give us a call at 780.296.5274.

Certified electricians Grande Prairie

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